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We really never know about things that might happen in the future. For that, it is also important that you have protection from various risks, in this case regarding the car, such as the risk of damage to loss. Pity your expensive car is damaged? Moreover, because there is no protection, you also have to pay dearly for the cost of repairing it.

Vehicle insurance is useful to protect you from losses due to accidents. What are some examples of vehicle insurance benefits and protections?

In general, examples of types of car insurance consist of total loss only (TLO) car insurance and all risk (comprehensive) car insurance.

1. Total Loss Only Car Insurance Benefits (Total Loss/TLO Car Insurance)
As the name implies, total loss only (TLO) car insurance offers car insurance benefits in the form of claims that can only be made if there is a total loss. The total loss in question is damage that occurs above 75% or loss due to theft or confiscation. The amount of damage of 75% is used as a benchmark because the car will certainly not be able to be used again.

2. All Risk (Comprehensive) Car Insurance Benefits
All risk insurance is a long-term and comprehensive protection insurance, it protects the vehicle from losses, for example from accidents, other people's evil deeds, fire, and others.

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Safety Tips For Your Home

When you are away or while you are at home, sometimes you are worried about the condition of the house that is prone to theft. Beware of house theft! Here are some tips to keep your house safe from thieves.

Check home security
Before you leave the house or go to bed, make sure you lock the doors and close the windows throughout the house. Most thieves will aim for targets that are easy for them to break into. Start locking all entrances such as the front fence, doors, to all windows since eight o'clock at night. If necessary in some major logins, you can use a double lock.

Store valuables or electronics
It could be that after playing with your cellphone or laptop, you just carelessly leave it on the sofa. Items no matter how small the value will make a loss if lost. Check different corners of the house to collect these items and store them in a place where they can't be easily seen by others.

Use CCTV to help you
CCTV can help you to check the security of your home while you are away on your smartphone.
Reduce sharing your privacy on Social Media
Sometimes during your free time, you accidentally share the condition of your house and location. Avoid showing off the condition of your house on social media or sharing the location of your house, so you don't risk bringing unwanted things

Use Home Insurance
Home insurance can help you in the event of an unexpected loss, such as a fire, burglary or even a flood. Call us for the insurance plan you want at 021-50508080.

The condition of increasing crime can indeed worry everyone. But, don't disturb the comfort of all family members at home. Do the simple things above to increase your safety and comfort at home. Stay safe!