5 Tips For Your Dream House

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You certainly want to have a dream house that is everyone's dream, especially for those who are already married. So what if you want to make your home a dream home? Check out the tips!
1. House cleanliness is the main thing. Your house doesn't need to be big, but cleanliness will make your home more comfortable to live in.
2. Air circulation, the importance of having good air circulation will maintain the comfort and security of the house. Home ventilation helps smooth air circulation in the house both during the day and at night.
3. Make sure your home space provides comfort by choosing the right colors and layout, a place where you and your loved ones spend quality time.
4. Remove unused large objects or items from the house, in addition to making the house wider, it also reduces the possibility of accidents in the house. Pay attention to the lighting in the house.
5. Proper lighting of the house can make the atmosphere of the house more comfortable
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Tas hilang saat travelling! Apa saja yang harus dilakukan?

You’ve just gotten off the plane and you’re in a new country, ready for an amazing vacation! But time passes and the bags from your flight is missing.  Do not panic. Here are the steps you must take if you lose your items while on vacation abroad:

Report to the nearest police station
Immediately report it to the nearest police station. Although the item may not necessarily be found, at least you will get a loss certificate which of course you really need for an insurance claim.

Come to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI)

If the lost item is a passport, immediately go to the local Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) or the local Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) to arrange for making a Passport-like Travel Letter (SPLP) as a passport replacement.

Insurance claim
The next step is to make a claim to the insurance. Contact Travel Insurance Sahabat Insurance and prepare the required documents, including: boarding pass/ticket, passport, loss certificate from the police, receipt of the claimed item (if not available, then include information on the type of item and the price of the item claimed), Travel Letter Like a passport and receipt for making a new passport if the lost passport is. Documents that must be completed may vary depending on your claim needs. Immediately complete the documents requested by the insurance so that you can get an insurance claim quickly.
For Travel Insurance, please call Sahabat Insurance 021-50508080.