Hail phenomenon in Indonesia

Terakhir Diubah : 16:13:21 - Kamis, 24 Februari 2022

Berita - Hail phenomenon in Indonesia - Sahabat Insurance | Solusi Lengkap Perlindungan Asuransi Anda

A number of areas in the city of Surabaya were hit by heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and large amounts of ice on Monday (21/2/2022) at around 14.50 WIB. So what causes hail? Hail occurs because there is a temperature difference in the clouds and the earth's surface is reached. So, the air temperature on the earth's surface is very hot while Cumulonimbus (CB) clouds in the sky have very low temperatures, which can reach minus 80 degrees. So that when it rains, the ice has not melted and there is hail. Then can a vehicle damaged by hail be covered by insurance? You have to re-check your vehicle policy, whether hail is a natural disaster covered by your Vehicle Insurance. For information about vehicle protection, contact us at 021-50508080.

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