How to Evacuate From Fire

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How to evacuate from fire in a tall building:
1. If there is a fire in the building, stay calm and don't panic.
2. Avoid the elevator and immediately go to the nearest emergency stairs by walking normally.
3. Do not carry items that are larger than a briefcase/handbag.
4. If the view is blocked by smoke, walk by creeping on a wall or handrail on a ladder, taking short breaths.
5. Do not turn around because it will collide with the people behind you and hinder evacuation.
6. Wet a shirt or handkerchief with water to cover the life if the smoke thickens or the room feels hot.
7. Immediately go to the meeting point in the place to wait for the next instruction.
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Difference of insurance, savings, investment

What is the difference between insurance, savings and investment? Before we know the difference, it is better if we know the meaning first.

  • According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), insurance is coverage, an agreement between two parties. Meanwhile, the definition of insurance is quoted from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), which is an agreement between an insurance company and a policy holder which is the basis for receiving premiums by insurance companies as compensation in the form of replacing or reducing losses.
  • Meanwhile, the definition of savings as reported by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) is money deposits in banks whose withdrawals can only be made according to certain conditions. Generally, banks will provide a passbook that contains information on all the transactions you have made and an ATM card complete with a personal number (PIN). In its current development, there are several types of savings that no longer use passbooks but internet/mobile banking.
  • Investment is investment, usually in the long term for the procurement of complete assets or the purchase of shares and other securities for profit.

Now, after knowing the meaning, let's see what the difference is:

 1. Insurance is to provide protection against risks that may occur to your assets in the future, savings are a means to save wealth from unused income while investment is an investment of funds in the long term to earn profits.

2. Insurance has an element of necessity because it is bound by a contract in the policy, savings and investment are more flexible and according to the ability of each individual.

3. While the risks that may occur will be protected in insurance according to the terms and conditions in the policy, while the investment risk depends on market conditions.

Well, hopefully this article provides information about insurance, savings and investment. For further inquiries regarding insurance and how to claim, you can contact us at 021-50508080