Tips for Driving in the Rain

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Driving in rain, whether a sprinkle or a heavy downpour, can be one of the most difficult driving situations a driver encounters. If it’s been raining heavily, you need to be careful as you drive and not hit puddles at spend. Rainy day increase the risk of Aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning or hydroplaning by the tires of a road vehicle, when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs. If it occurs to all wheels simultaneously, the vehicle becomes, in effect, an uncontrolled sled or an accident.

The best strategy is to avoid contributors to aquaplaning. Proper tire pressure, narrow and unworn tires, and reduced speeds from those judged suitably moderate in the dry will mitigate the risk of aquaplaning, as will avoidance of standing water or flood.

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