What to Do When Car Is Stolen

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When you lose your car, of course, you can be very worried. Don't panic and do this:
1.Call and report to the Police
2. Prepare important documents for missing vehicle reporting.

  •     Photocopy of ID card.
  • Copy of BPKB.
  • Copy of motor vehicle purchase invoice.
  • Photocopy of insurance policy.
  • Photocopy of the report from the police.
  • Original cover letter from the insurance company.
  • Photocopy of the document at the scene of the incident.
  • Original letter of item search list.
3. Prepare documentation for reporting vehicle insurance claims:
  • Car Insurance Policy
  • Original BPKB documents, STNK, and vehicle purchase invoices.
  • Vehicle keys, original and spare.
  • Photocopy of driver's license.
  • Photocopy of the insured's ID card, according to the name listed on the STNK.
  • Three stamped receipts.
  • Official documents from the authorities, including a BAP letter, a letter of blocking from the police, and an official statement from the Head of the Directorate of Investigation.
Before reporting a claim, you must first check your vehicle insurance policy, whether you have used a vehicle insurance policy that guarantees the car from loss.

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