Why does my vehicle repair take so long?

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When you buy an insurance policy and make an insurance claim sometimes you wonder. Will my vehicle be repaired fast or long? The claim provisions have actually been stated on the policy or in accordance with the regulations. To be clear about what things are covered by insurance, it would be nice to check your insurance policy more carefully. If the risk is included in the clause and does not conflict with the exclusion or legal defect, then a claim for reimbursement is acceptable.

As is known, the claim procedure begins with reporting the incident to the insurance company, then the insurance company will conduct a survey. Then the cost estimation is carried out and then an SPK (Work Order) is issued to the partner workshop.

Then a new question arises. Why do vehicle repairs sometimes take so long to make a vehicle insurance claim? In some cases there may be several reasons why vehicle repairs take a long time, for example
1.Incomplete insurance claim documents.
2. Damage to the vehicle is very severe.
3. Availability of spare parts is also one of the possible reasons why your vehicle "stays" in the workshop for a long time.
4. During the inspection there may be vehicle damage that was missed during reporting.

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Insurance Requirements and Claim Procedures Motor Vehicle Insurance

Did you know, Motor Vehicle Insurance is a type of insurance or coverage that provides a guarantee or protection for loss, damage, loss caused by the risks guaranteed in the Motor Vehicle Insurance policy.
Loss and/or damage to the Motor Vehicle and/or the insured interest which is directly caused by:

  • Collision, impact, tipping over, slipping, or slipping;
  • The evil deeds of others;
  • Theft, including theft that is preceded or accompanied or followed by violence or threats of violence as referred to in Article 362, 363 paragraphs (3), (4), (5) and Article 365 of the Criminal Code;
  • Fires, including:
a. Fire due to fire of other objects adjacent to or storage of Motorized Vehicles;
b. Fire due to lightning strike;
c. Damage due to water and/or other tools used to prevent or extinguish fires;
d. The destruction of all or part of the Motorized Vehicle by order of the competent authority in an effort to prevent the spread of the fire.

Loss and/or damage caused by the above-mentioned events as long as the relevant Motor Vehicle is on board the ship for crossings under the supervision of the Directorate General of Land Transportation, including loss and/or damage caused by the ship in question having an accident.

Insurance Closing Requirements and Procedures Requirements to be insured:
  • Fill out the SPPA, with your  ID card
  •  Have an insurable interest in the object of coverage to be insured
Claim reports are made within a maximum period of 5 x 24 hours after the incident to Sahabat Insurance call center 021-50508080 or via email to [email protected] or visit the nearest Sahabat Insurance Branch Office.

Claim Documents
1. Fill out / complete the claim form
2. Photocopy of insurance policy
3. Photocopy of SIM and STNK
4. Local Police Certificate for vehicle claim in case of partial loss, total loss or involving a third party.

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