Sahabat Insurance Excellent Rating

Last Modified : 17:12:20 - Kamis, 14 Juli 2022

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Jakarta - Infobank has again conducted an insurance rating and published it in the July 2022 edition of Infobank Magazine. This year's insurance rating is titled "Rating 110 Insurance Version of Infobank 2022". Ratings were carried out on 110 insurance companies, including 65 general insurance companies.

Based on data from the Infobank Research Bureau (birl), PT Asuransi Sahabat Artha Proteksi (Sahabat Insurance)  was ranked 2nd with  “Excellent” rating and a total score of 91,12% based on the category of general insurance companies with a gross profit above Rp 250 billion-Rp 500 billion.

Last year, Sahabat Insurance was awarded the “Excellent” rating in General Insurance of the 2021 infobank magazine Version based on the category of general insurance companies with a gross profit Rp 100 billion - under Rp 250 billion.

Source: “Rating 110 Insurance Infobank 2022 Version”. Infobank Magazine July 2022 edition.

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Benefits of Travel Insurance you need to know

Travel insurance is one type of insurance that provides protection while we travel both domestically and abroad. So you can still travel in peace. Especially in an uncertain situation like today. What if when you bought tickets in advance but you got sick, or even worse, the trip had to be canceled for one reason or another at the destination.

Some people may still be unfamiliar with travel insurance, but some countries in the world have even required travelers or newcomers to have travel insurance, for example, countries in Europe and America. What are the benefits of travel insurance?

Basically travel insurance covers for trip cancellation and interruption; emergency medical care; personal accident and it compensates the traveller for additional expenses that may occur due to these losses.  However, please note that there are things that are not covered by travel insurance, for example if the destination country is not safe either due to natural disasters, war or terrorism. So, in order to apply for/have this travel insurance, in general, there are several conditions that you must fulfill:

  • Photocopy/scan of ID card
  • Insurance application form
  • Photocopy of passport (for overseas travel)
  • Age limit
For you who like traveling you must have travel insurance every time you go traveling.Prepare travel insurance. Remember, read carefully the policy, terms and conditions. (Source: