The Benefits of Home Insurance

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Home is we should feel secure and comfortable. Imagine if your house is on fire or lightning hits your house? Imagine the cost to repair or replace your personal belongings if they are damaged or stolen.

Home insurance protects property and its contents, such as houses, offices, shops, factories, and personal warehouses from damage and loss caused by fire, burglary, riots, floods, and earthquakes.

Home insurance provides a sense of security from risks or disasters that may occur.

Renovation costs for homes that have suffered heavy damage due to natural disasters or fires are certainly very expensive. There are many unexpected expenses when doing home repairs, from hiring a handyman, repairing the foundation to the roof of the house, and much more. Home insurance protects you from financial losses due to home repairs at no small cost.

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5 Tips for Millennial Home Buyers

As true millennials, of course you want to have a home so that you have a bright future with your family.
So if you’re a millennial looking to buy a house, here are five things you can do to make As true millennials, of course you want to have a home so that you have a bright future with your family. Here are some steps you can take to make your dream come true.

1. Check financial ability
First, prepare a balance sheet including income and expenses.

2. Create a budget
Do some research and learn about several possible ways to pay for a house other than the cash payment method. For example mortgages, or by other methods.

3. Set priorities
From an existing financial plan, make priorities so you can focus on one thing. For example, you plan to take a mortgage. So, your first focus is to fulfill the downpayment first.

4. Investment
Investment can help to develop assets against inflation. For example, for a house down payment, set aside 30% of your salary to the appropriate investment instrument. Over time, with consistency, the budget for a home down payment will be fulfilled properly.
Investment can also be an alternative choice for saving emergency funds. You can save this emergency fund in an instrument with a low level of risk.
In addition to an emergency fund, pay attention to insurance, if you are the head of the family. So, make sure that you have complete protection first, then execute your financial plan.

5. Discipline
The discipline to implement a detailed and comprehensive financial plan is very important. For example, keeping your installments under 30% of your regular salary if you take a mortgage scheme is crucial.

Note that 30% includes all existing debt repayments. So, if your main intention is to buy a house, then you should focus on this plan first.

In addition, plans to buy a house require a long-term disciplined commitment. Therefore, start being disciplined in executing your financial plan. With some of the tips above, you can try to realize your dream of buying a house. Good luck!