Driving Tips: Prevent Parking Lot Crashes

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While driving, the car is at risk of being damaged not only while on the road, but also when it is parked. To prevent this, there are some tips that you can do when parking the car, including:

  1. Choose a large area, safe and not too close to buildings, sidewalks, fences or piles of heavy and large items.
  2. Try to always park the car in a location with a flat surface.
  3. There are various risks that can occur when the car is parked under a tree. 
  4. Many car owners choose to park their cars outdoors. Extreme weather changes, from heat to rain, during the changing seasons can also accelerate the deterioration of your car's paint.
  5. It would be easier to stay unseen while stealing from a car in darkness or in quiet area.
  6. Parking a car is not an easy affair, especially for drivers who are beginners. Often accidents happen when the driver tries to park his car, for example if he grazed a nearby car or stepped on the wrong pedal and hit a shop wall. Understand the limits of your driving ability and always be aware of your surroundings whenever you want to park your car.

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House Explosion, will my insurance cover the damage?

We will never be able to avoid a disaster, the risk of unpredictability when it occurs. By knowing that the risk will just happen without our expectations, of course we need preparations that we must do to overcome the losses arising from the problem.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have a home, other buildings make sure to use property insurance. This property insurance, can help you with an efficient and economical way to provide protection to every property owned from a variety of risks. FLEXAS stands for Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft Impact & Smoke.

FLEXAS is a package that you can use to protect against a variety of risks in property insurance. It is unfortunate if the investment held for our support in the future will just disappear due to risks such as Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Fall of Aircraft & Smoke. Finally, we feel something unpleasant and certainly very detrimental.

Here are some explanations regarding FLEXAS guarantees that protect you from various things such as:

Fire (fire)

No one will ever know when a fire can occur in a building we have such as a house or property. Fire caused by a short circuit or electrical short circuit, the spread of fire or heat that arises on its own, or due to the spread of fire from other objects, neighboring houses, tree fires and others or fire due to your own negligence or lack of care, your servant or other people such as fires due to stoves, exploding gas leaks, or cigarette butts and others. the damage caused by efforts to extinguish fires will also be guaranteed by property insurance.


Lightning (Lightning Strike)

Lightning strikes are a terrible thing, because besides being exposed to electric shock, it can also cause our homes to become fires and destroy homes or buildings. No need to worry because property insurance will help you, if your house or building is damaged due to lightning strikes. Property insurance also guarantees the risk of fire caused by electric machinery, electrical or electronic equipment, and electrical installations that are burned because lightning also enters into account.


Explosions can occur at any time, either because someone else intentionally put them in our place or because of our accident, What is meant by an explosion here is the sudden release of energy due to the expansion of steam or gas.

Aircraft Impact (Fall of Airplanes)

You could say that reaching aviation in Indonesia, having enough technology is high, but who can think of everything can happen to ourselves, without being able to know when it happened. The crash of an airplane to cause a fire will be guaranteed by property insurance. With the condition, this happens because of the physical impact of the aircraft or from the contents of the items in the plane that concern the house or property that is insured.

Smoke (Smoke)

Smoke arising from the fire of insured property. So if the smoke caused by a fire causes damage to the house or other property insured, property insurance will guarantee the loss due to the damage.