Driving Tips: Prevent Parking Lot Crashes

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While driving, the car is at risk of being damaged not only while on the road, but also when it is parked. To prevent this, there are some tips that you can do when parking the car, including:

  1. Choose a large area, safe and not too close to buildings, sidewalks, fences or piles of heavy and large items.
  2. Try to always park the car in a location with a flat surface.
  3. There are various risks that can occur when the car is parked under a tree. 
  4. Many car owners choose to park their cars outdoors. Extreme weather changes, from heat to rain, during the changing seasons can also accelerate the deterioration of your car's paint.
  5. It would be easier to stay unseen while stealing from a car in darkness or in quiet area.
  6. Parking a car is not an easy affair, especially for drivers who are beginners. Often accidents happen when the driver tries to park his car, for example if he grazed a nearby car or stepped on the wrong pedal and hit a shop wall. Understand the limits of your driving ability and always be aware of your surroundings whenever you want to park your car.

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